Online Classes Start on Saturday 4/4; 中文学校网课于本周六开始



带有麦克风和扬声器的笔记本电脑或台式机,或平板电脑(如ipad), (电脑有摄像头可以增加师生互动,但不是必须的。)
互联网 (wifi)

如果您有任何疑问或建议,请发送电子邮件至[email protected]。您也可以直接联系任课老师商榷。网络课程对我们大多数人来说是一种新工具。让我们一起努力来帮助我们的孩子们。




Dear Parents and Friends,

As you may have known, RUSD has closed all its facilities until further notice. To continue our children’s education on Chinese language and culture, Riverside Huaxia Chinese School board has decided to offer online classes for all grade levels as well as enrichment classes, starting April 4, after the three-week extended Spring Break. Our teachers have started preparing online classes last month, and our online AP class, which has started on 3/14, has been a great success.
The online classes will be offered via ZOOM. The teacher of each class will send an invitation email to students with instructions to join the class.

All you need for classes:
Laptop or Desktop computer with mic and speaker, or a tablet like ipad。 (Camera on the computer is recommended, but not required.)
Internet connection
Textbook and stationary for a regular Chinese class
Students of grade k, 1, 2, and bilingual-beginner classes: Parents will need to be available to help their children through the class.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email to school at [email protected], or you may connect teachers directly. The online class is a new tool to most of us. We believe we can work together to continue educating our children during this pandemic.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.