Summer 2021 Online Classes

This summer, Chinese School offers a variety of online classes from the week of 5/31 through 8/1, excluding the week of Independence Day. The total class time is 16 hours in 8 weeks.

The class time is TBD. The teacher will send on class schedule to registered students. Due to the flexibility of online classes, the teacher will work with parents to adjust the class schedule.

The teacher will send the online class invitation information to parents via either email or WeChat, once the registration and tuition payment is received. Tuition is 100% refundable for any student who drops out before the 2nd class. Because there are only eight sessions in a summer class, no tuition will be refunded once the 2nd class has started.

The school reserves the right to cancel the class for the lack of registration. All registered students will get 100% refund if the school decides to cancel the class.

Teacher Name Class Number  and Title Targeting Grade Level Class Time Class Content
任利宁 (1) 暑期拼音课 没系统学过汉语拼音的学生 两小时一次课,一周一次 根据在美国长大孩子的特点,老师亲自编写教案和家庭作业,旨在让孩子们尽快熟练掌握汉语拼音。课堂上着重每一位学生的拼读练习,课后有相匹配的作业巩固所学。

不仅对孩子们学习中文大有助益;更符合AP Chinese考试写作要求(全拼音输入)。

任利宁 (2) 中国文化写作与演说 中文学校五年级以上学生 两小时一节课,一周一次 具体围绕AP Chinese的presentation展开,每一个题目需要具体展开了解,学生需要做research、writing、speech。该课程围绕中国的文化、历史、地理、时政展开,兼顾写作及演说。对AP考试是很好的辅助课程。
许燕青 (3) 诗歌朗诵与鉴赏 三年级以上 两小时一节课,一周一次 诗歌:著名现代诗歌
杜方 (4) 中国文化之旅 四年级以上 两小时一节课,一周一次 以教师亲身旅行/经历讲述中国名胜古迹,以及相关的历史故事,介绍中国点滴文化。

Two steps of online registration for 2021 Summer Class:

  • Step One: click the link below to complete the online registration form.
  • Step Two: make an online registration payment below.
    • The tuition is $100 per class. (The $100 payment option is at the bottom of the Paypal dropdown list below.)
    • You may pay for multiple children or for multiple classes as one payment. If for multiple classes, please enter the total payment amount in “Other Amount”. For example, $200 for two classes.
    • You must specify your child(ren)’s full name (in English), birth year, and the class. For example, John Smith, 2006, Summer Class #1 and #2.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please email the school at
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