Online Registration

Two steps of online registration for 2020-2021 school year:

  • Step One: click the link below to complete the online registration form.
  • Step Two: make an online registration payment below.
      • Please note that if your child is a new student, you may take a free trial class for the first week and then make the payment after the first week.
      • If you have more than three children attending the school. Please calculate the total payment and enter “Other Amount”.
      • You must specify your child(ren)’s full name (in English) and birth year, for example, John Smith (2010).
      • If you have any question or concern, please email school at

Breakdown of registration Payment

  • Early-registration tuition for the full school year (32 school weeks): $370 (regular tuition is $400)
  • Registration fee: $60
  • PTA Deposit: $30 (not required if you have volunteered for the school in the past school year)
  • Multiple-child discount: $20 per child (starting at the second child)

Multiple-child Payment Breakdown

(Regular Tuition)
(Early Registration Tuition)
(Non-refundable Registration Fee)
Refundable PTA Service Deposit
第一子女(1st Child) $400 $370 $60 $30
第二子女(2nd Child) $380 $350 $60
第三子女(3rd Child) $380 $350 $60
Select registration payment amount
Other Amount:
Your child(ren) full name and birth year, e.g., John Smith (2010):

Registration Flyer (注册通知)

中文版    English Version

Tuition & Fee Refund Policy (


In case a student withdraws from our school after his/her full tuition is paid:

  • Registration Fee is not refundable
  • Tuition Refund Policy
    • Week 0 (registration date, first day of the school), 100% Refundable
    • Week 1, 100% Refundable
    • Week 2, 80% Refundable
    • Week 3, 50% Refundable
    • Week 4 (28 days since the first day of the school) and thereafter, 0% Refundable
  • PTA Service Deposit is 
    • Week 0-3, 100% refundable
    • Week 4 and thereafter, 0% refundable

Thanks for your cooperation!

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